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The agent's job, bluntly put, was to protect the good people from the bad, who did not live by civil or religious morality.To be bound by rules in dealing with them was to put oneself at a disadvantage.

He was identfied by number; one copy of his report was filed at the branch office and another, perhaps abridged or rewritten, was supplied to the client.

A Pinkerton was expected to be close-mouthed and secretive about his job.

"An enigmatic want-ad took me into the employ of the Pinkerton's National Detective Agency," he wrote, "and I stuck at that until early in 1922." 5 His family was relieved, for the Pinkertons were thought an antidote for delinquency, much as the Marines are today.

They were highly regimented, but on twenty-four hour call.

There was a "year of study on the retina of the eye, how to play chess in your head; the Icelandic sagas; the history of the snapping turtle," recalled Lillian Hellman later: "The picking up of any book, made for a remarkable mind, neat, accurate, respectful of fact." 1 Reading helped Hammett qualify for the prestigious Baltimore Polytechnical Institute, which H. Mencken had attended, but he had to drop out at sixteen when his father became seriously ill.