Flirty chat request

In the meantime I will keep up 100 approaches a month and try to improve on my weaknesses. Sarge Hard Last sarge of the day was one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had daygaming. Got a couple of contact infos from chicks, I’m on my way to getting Krauser’s opener/stack/compliment down, I’m having fun.

Flirty chat request-88

If I can’t wait to be there, then chicks will want to be there too.

Sarge Hard I’m hanging onto my daygame skills by a thread. The month is halfway over and I haven’t even done twenty sarges.

After that, hopefully she hooks, then after that I can do a little chode chit chatting. I’m getting there, it’s just a slower process than I ever would have thought. Sarge Hard Well, there they are in all their glory. I’m getting contact details at a rate of about 1 in 10. Tomorrow I am driving out to DC where the sets are higher quality and there’s more of them. I predict in the next two months I will convert more conversations to numbers and idates, but also have a shit load of no girls excusing themselves in the first minute. I go back and forth on whether New Year’s Resolutions are a good idea. Has my game gotten shittier or is it just the time of year?

Only one date in December, but I did get two idates. Part of the reason was none of the sets out there were really doing it for me, not to mention I couldn’t see their bodies on account of how bundled up the girls are because of the cold. If you cared enough, you probably would have fixed shit during the year. The blowouts are causing me to fuck up the few sets that aren’t blowing out. Gotta remember to tease/flirt hard in the beginning, leave the chode chit chat to her beta orbiters. Wednesday 12/27 Remember what I said in the beginning?

The good thing to take away from today, is that there are young, hot 8.5s that are into me. Edit: I just couldn’t let the day end without going back out one more time. Even when I guess where she’s from, say it with a sexy under current, because these girls are ditching me because I’m being boring. Inside they’re probably thinking like Maxine in the bar scene in Being John Malkovich.