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Essentially, he agreed to a plea deal that would reduce his charges and allow him to bypass jail in his sentencing.

In all, he was given a year of probation and was ordered to attend 12 domestic violence counseling sessions with Gibran. More importantly the series introduced America to a new type of reality programing—rachet TV.

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It's unclear if Flav and Trujillo ever fixed the kinks in their marriage.

, Flav was booked on driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, driving with an open container, driving his 2005 BMW at 73 mph in a 45 mph zone (speeding), having a fake registration and driving on a suspended license.

To put it into perspective, Flav has been a busy man over the years. With that said, seven kids require a lot of money to raise.

His ex-baby mama Angie Parker took him to court in May 2012, according to .

"I am satisfied with the judge's decision and I think the judge for being understanding. " , Flav and Trujillo began arguing in their Las Vegas home around AM when their dispute became physical.