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Con L.ierco and indu Sw Py cannot remain in the hands of a fav; people vfao exploit these tv:o Iranches of our national economy for their ov;n benefit, robbing, rrdllions of citizens in the process.

Let the people :ere con- duct comraerce and industry ..oiiestly i-nd '.vithout the mediation of trusts, as they used to do, and one will have no reason to complain of the lack of consuraers' demand; c:there v;ill be plenty of ••■•orlv, because the laborer, bein.^ able to r;ot everythin * cheaper, will buy more and superior merc'iandioe.

trusts and must accept v;hat the trusts offer them.

There- fore, neither the laborer, farmer, nor cattle-raiser benefits from the high prices nov; prevalent; only the ,^reedy creators of trusts and their intermediaries i;rofit b;. If, then, the trusts complain that Lhoy have lost large forei.^n contracts and talk nonsense about the country* s goin;? Let the neat trust, for instance, sell iti meat her^ :'or the same prices T'jhic.i it roceived frori ijngland, Franco, '^ussia, '^errni'.ny, or Ja Dan.

There are no watchmen at the crossings, no gates v/hich rould block the crossing v:hen a train is approaching.