Federal law mandating vacation time compare and contrast relative and absolute dating

The act does not specify whether or what type of leave must be given to an employee who is "disabled" by an illness or injury, but courts have held that an employer may be required to provide leave beyond sick leave or personal leave if such leave would be a reasonable accommodation of a disability, as long as the leave is not unduly burdensome to an employer.

An employer can terminate an employee at will at any time for any reason unless there is a contractual commitment or if that firing violates a clear and recognized legal principle.

Discrimination and harassment in the work place are illegal; however, they have very specific and limited definitions.

In addition, if you have a mental or physical disability severe enough to affect your ability to work, you may have the right to accommodate these disabilities so that you can continue to be employed.

If you are a member of a union, you have additional rights and resources in the work place.

As a result, an employer who asks applicants whether they have been arrested, and then excludes those who have, may discriminate against minority applicants.

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