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After the August post, East Lansing urged Tennes not to attend the next farmers market for fear of protests, according to the lawsuit.

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This is of particular importance to Ms Anderson, who wishes to preserve the cultural significance of cooking with traditional Thai vegetables.

"I think it's also becoming really lost in Thailand even," she said."With the bill being lifted for GMO in Thailand and a lot of the varieties getting tainted, it's very hard to go into a village, like a remote village anywhere and find non-GMO vegetables."Ms Anderson said a lot of visitors who came to the farm from Thailand or other areas of South-East Asia were pleasantly surprised to see some of the vegetables that were grown there because it had been so long since they had seen or eaten them.

Steve Tennes, owner of Country Mill Farms in Charlotte, describes issues that led to his exclusion from an East Lansing farmers market.

Tennes has filed a federal lawsuit against the city, alleging a violation of his religious freedoms.

While the farmers in the valley grew many fruits and vegetables, the rocky slopes above made the growers up there little more than dirt farmers.