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He wears an expensive suit and dark sunglasses, and walks with a distinctive swagger that announces his profession.

While he claims a benign interest in the community, he is as likely to be as violent and destructive as his Western counterpart, especially if he feels he is not receiving the respect he deserves.

"As Joseph Castellano put it, What is a Gambino crime family? Does the office have a plaque on the door that says, "Gambino crime family?

" In Japan, the answers would be, in reverse order, yes, yes, and read our rules and creed."Translation for people unfamiliar with Bluebook legal citation: Volume 67 of the University of Chicago Law Review, in an article beginning on page 41, with the actual quote appearing on page 65.

Not that these are mutually exclusive descriptions, though.

Tired of robbing the penniless peasants, these Ronin bands often gravitated towards more affluent cities, where they sought employment as hired muscle.

The term refers solely to the members of crime organizations, not to the organizations themselves, which may take many different names.

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