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Osbert said: "Sachie, you go." Sachie said: "Georgia, you go." Until the footman broke in with "Well, come on, one of you's got to go."Waugh also writes that it was unsafe to mention any living author because the Sitwells were so bitchy about them all.

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But I'm going to take my time demonstrating as much.

Indeed, imagine you've been invited to a country house for the weekend.

Evelyn obliged by handing him a carefully crafted letter.

The letter is dated 20 June, 1942 and was written at Renishaw Hall (which is close to where Waugh's Commando unit was based at the time). A party of guests assembled by Osbert and his brother Sacheverell (Sachie for short) were enjoying the beauty of the sunset, which was lighting up the surrounding hills.

Perhaps a chat along the following lines: George Sitwell: "And you say you're both called Evelyn?