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So the important thing about a career is that you are doing something you are good at. It’s so useful to know what motivates you: winning, relationships, or craftsmanship.The thing I really get from Miranda July is that I’m not a writer like she is. If you asked me early in my life, I would have said being really good at something, because I like to write.

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But I see the life of writers, and I see that I consistently make the choices entrepreneurs make, not that writers make.

Choosing a career seems endlessly difficult, but actually, most of work falls into just a few categories, and most of what we love to do falls into just a few as well. They probably reveal to you which of the three paths you should take.

It is no coincidence, that among me and my three brothers, the only one of us who actually goes to work and collects a paycheck is the one working in big data.

He talks all the time about buying up content sites so his company can manipulate data and sell it. My brothers are fine if I write about our crazy family and frequent visits from the police. So anyway, learning how to analyze data and draw larger conclusions from reams of small pieces is where the big job growth will be in the future.

The Harvard Business Review shows that narcissism is what holds back a lot of middle managers from reaching the top.