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The past decade has seen major changes to this city, and thanks to investment from Silicon Valley, San Jose’s centre is now buzzing.

There are plenty of historical sights, such as St Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica and the Plaza de Cesar Chavez – dating back to the 1800s this is the oldest plaza in the city.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of The files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The selection of officers ; the payment and Recharge of the troops enlisted for the war; the Sys HDl of the retained troops, and their re-union n detsebed and distant stations ; the collection and secttri^ of the pablic proper^ in the Qaartcnnaster, Commis Baiy, and Ordnance Oeputmente; and the eonatant medical aasistanee required in hoq^tals and garriaona, rendered a c Miiriele ezecntion of the act impnelto Ue oa the fint of May, the period more im- meoately cmtemplated.

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Nor is there any country which presents a field, where nature invites more tbie art of man, to complete her own work, fbr hia ac- commodation and benefit.

Theao condderations are strengthened, moreover, by the political effect of these facilities fbr intercominunfcation, in bringing and bind- ing more dosely together the various parts of our ex- tended confederacy. Mh M «ri Mr tool W«ect of ttl M ayst MMliaily eainplati Bg «» iii Mttimb Is & woric And it w a Jafprn OM;^, Oat ai^ Meet of Ooaili* tationd Htbof^, which nnrjr b» a Beowrt Me A, eui be ■■u'rtiiifr pnimfaw*.

Among the means of advancing the public interest, the occasion is a proper one for recalling the attention of Congress to the great importance of eat^lishing throughout our country the roads and canals which can be best execute under the natbnal anthoriqr.

No objects within the drde of political economy M richly repay the expense bestowed on them ; there are none, the utility of which is more universally ascer- tained and acknowledged ; none that do more honor to the Governments whose wise and enlarged patriot- ism duly appreciates them.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Aun Hi li Mwaf CBjid io Mwii ^Beanwyfioin ifaamrlnm* Omns Bi Dai Bobsct, froaa Ddaarare. I recommend, also, an enlarge- ment of the Afilitary Academy, already eetabliabed, And the establishment of others in other sections of the Union.