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Fact - The codes on the bottom stamp are date codes indicating when the lighter was manufactured. The Roman Numerals at the bottom of the lighter indicate the length of prison sentence. The letters on the bottom stamp indicate their crime "R" for Rape, "M" for murder, etc.Fact - Lighters are manufactured in Bradford, PA by employees who are paid for their service to the company.THE ZIPPO LIGHTER COLLECTORS' GUIDE Dear Zippo Lighter Enthusiast, pushed the first insert into the first case of what would be the first Zippo lighter. Zippo introduced its own lighter collectors' club, Zippo Click, in 2002, logging over 8000 members in the first three years.

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The 15,000 square-foot center houses northern Pennsylvania's most visited museum, the world famous Zippo Repair Clinic, and a retail store containing the most complete line of Zippo and Case products in the world. The Zippo/Case Visitors Center is located at 1932 Zippo Drive in Bradford, PA, just off the U. When it's not on tour, visitors can see the Zippo Car, an American icon on wheels, at the Zippo/Case Visitors Center.

The current Zippo Car, a replica of the 1947 original, was made in 1997 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ippo product mobile. If painted or enameled, the colors are not chipped or scratched. In 2002, Zippo Manufacturing Company was granted trademark protection for the shape of the world famous Zippo windproof lighter. Zippo is taking aggressive measures to confront this problem.

In light of the ever-growing international interest in the Zippo windproof lighter, we are pleased to present this guide as an introduction to the novice lighter collector. It is not meant to be a complete guide to Zippo lighter identification or collecting. The collectibles market is extremely volatile and any given piece is worth only whatever someone else wants to pay to begin or complete a collection.

Collecting Zippo lighters is about fun, about history, about people.

Style can also refer to the decorative elements that diagonal cuts or is it 1 /4" taller than the current models, marks of some early Zippo lighters? It opens with that distinctive Zippo lighter "click" and closes with that solid, reassuring "thunk".