Dating while going through divorce law uk disabled dating totally

He doesn't have any grounds for divorce except that he's not happy.Rhonda's Question: I am married and live in California. He does not have any grounds for divorce except that he is not happy. Brette's Answer: California is a no fault state, so your husband needs no grounds or reason.

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Can I contest this and fight that it not be the reason for the divorce? Brette's Answer: This is likely the language that is commonly used in your state in this situation.

I can understand that you are uncomfortable with it though.

Many states also allow fault-grounds to be cited as the reason for divorce, meaning that some type of marital misconduct led to the breakdown of the marriage.

Fault grounds differ from state to state, but commonly include adultery, domestic violence, abandonment, substance abuse or alcoholism, imprisonment, and mental disability or illness.

The divorce was several years ago and now I've met a man who shows a promising future, but he will only accept a divorce by adultery.