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Since 1975, numerous other empirical studies have found evidence of gender symmetry in IPV.

For example, in the United States, the National Comorbidity Study of 1990-1992 found 18.4% of men and 17.4% of women had experienced minor IPV, and 5.5% of men and 6.5% of women had experienced severe IPV.

The 2006 International Dating Violence Study, which investigated IPV amongst 13,601 students across thirty-two-nations found that "about one-quarter of both male and female students had physically attacked a partner during that year".

It reported that 24.4% of males had experienced minor IPV and 7.6% had experienced "severe assault".

For some men, this is an admission they are unwilling, or unable, to make.

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    Louisiana’s Dillard University has seen a 17 percent increase from last year’s total.

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    Some clinics require both sexual partners to take part in the evaluation, though you may be seen alone if you’re not in a committed relationship.

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