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Around that time, right before Christmas, I started sort of Facebook stalking this guy I had talked to in the past named Jake.

He was a pretty cool guy from what I remembered and, most importantly, I was really attracted to him.

He stopped texting me for a few days and then, out of nowhere, texted me to say he was sorry and that he was happy for Jake and I and wanted my friendship back. He actually asked me to do sexual stuff with him as a “birthday present” and said Jake would never have to know. He absolutely disgusted me and he kept texting me saying sexual stuff and complimenting me, which made me feel really uncomfortable.

I told him many times to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. I kind of consider Josh my ex because of how close our relationship was and this made me realize that, sometimes, you can’t be friends with an ex.

But if you do find yourself there, take my advice: pick who you want and follow that route. Have you ever had to choose between two different guys that you liked?

Much like the number two meal at Mc Donald’s, why only have one of something great when you can have two?

He didn’t want that, because he felt like he would be too jealous of me being with someone else and it would kill him to see that. I kept talking to both of them and a few weeks later, I picked Jake. Not only did Josh call me every name in the book, but he also used so much of the personal stuff I had told him against me.

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