Dating the crucifixion of jesus

The Year Jesus’s Ministry Began If Jesus, as the Gospels seem to indicate, began his ministry not long after John, then based on the calculations above, the earliest date for Jesus’s baptism would be in late .30, which falls well within the range of him being “about thirty years of age.” The Length of Jesus’s Ministry Now we need to know how long Jesus’s public ministry lasted, because if it went on for two or more years, this would seem to rule out spring of Jesus Was Crucified on the Day of Preparation for the Passover John also mentions that Jesus was crucified on “the day of Preparation” (John ), that is, the Friday before the Sabbath of Passover week (Mark ).

This was an unacceptable four days after His death.

The women would have anointed the body of Jesus on the intervening Friday, in contradiction to the Scriptures.

There are six possible combinations leading to four possible dates of the crucifixion.

These dates are Thursday, April 6, 30 CE, Friday, April 7, 30 CE, Wednesday, March 28, 31 CE and Friday, April 3, 33 CE.

But that does not make it unknowable or unimportant.