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Blues, r&b, funk--it's all the same to them and TO BEHOLD ups the ante with 9 new songs and a Hank Williams III cover.

Harp, aggressive guitar breaks, slap-happy backbeats announce their arrival while they slip into a spiritual treatment of Hank's carries a strong Stax groove as Marriner sounds very much in control, backed by noted country singers, Tracey Brown and Kelly Prescott.

Without question, this new record is different from the last--as was their intent.

Added elements of soul--a challenge easily met by Marriner's vocals, join bits of funk and Diteodoro's scorching, blues-rock leads. They're more interested in getting people to thier feet and moving than they are following a setlist or a gameplan for success, as evidenced from coast to coast at festival after festival.

Sugar Boy Crawford's "Overboard," sung by drummer Mark Teixeira, makes an old chair dancer's foot tired of tappin'.