Dating site bans overweight people

something you can easily take with you, print & read offline, email to others, or scribble on during your Web site conversion meetings!

From there, and after a short break — no more than a week — you can expect to find a continuous flow of new ideas and examples on how to apply persuasive design to your own e-commerce sites.

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We’re not formally trained in social psychology (i.e., the foundation for much of what we cover here), so we’re relying on the research of experts to form our own thoughts on how the principles can be applied online.

To be fair, however, Joanna is completing a graduate thesis on persuasive information design, a component of which is her own research project.

You just have to pull their heads away from the idea that they’re dealing with a little plastic salesperson instead of a warm-blooded salesperson who can blink, laugh, get distracted, pay attention… You have to make all cues that say “computer” virtually disappear.

Faking Human-ness Online to Persuade People connect emotionally with people…

When you make people feel something, you help them open up to hearing your messages with less suspicion.