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Scrubs took their codes of honor seriously in the 1990s.

Combo – A series of moves performed in a fashion that links them together without pause.

Character balancing is critical for games that wish to be relevant for tournament play.

Beat-Em-Up – A game in which the player controls a character who runs through levels beating up minor enemies, usually followed by a boss fight.

Usually involves looking in the game’s manual to get a certain password. Demo (1) – A free and incomplete version of a piece of software (not necessarily a game) distributed to increase awareness and interest in the full product. Demonstrates a new or technically impressive programming feat in a small amount of memory or disk space. Very often just a cheap way of getting money from suckers who have to conspicuously consume everything in sight.

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    Steve hated this haughty rich bitch that always mocked him in school, because he couldn't afford a car.

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    If you have contact lists that you want to use in Gmail, you can import them into Google Contacts.

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    One-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help write or review their profile.

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    ingatlah saudaraku, kebenaran bagi kita itu belum tentu jadi kebenaran bagi orang lain, karena kebenaran itu tidaklah mutlak, hanya ada satu kebenaran mutlak yaitu TUHAN, selain itu relatif. ga usah k salon, ke dokter ajah 🙂 pantes..temen Koreaku bilang aku cantik…hahaha.belo. gua sih belum bener, jadi mendingan ga usah nambahin dosa dengan ngehina mereka.. syukuri apa yang Tuhan kasih ke kita dan kita juga tidak boleh menjudge dan menghina orang.