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He says Wagner was raised by his mother and grandparents.Mills says Wagner was interested in guns and wanted to become a hunter, and had gone through a hunter safety course a few years ago. Mills says the Wagner he knew was “a good kid.” ___ p.m.Lauren from Dunstable helps Sarah sort through ten years' worth of unused toys, clothes and out-of-date food, while germophobe Emma visits John in his cluttered Peak District home.

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) and the show had a more real feel to it as a result. Though the writers were reigned in a few times, by all accounts.

Of course, reality quickly became subjective in Married, as the episodes became ever more ridiculous and crazy. If it's a real life issue, Married has spoofed it in some way or other. The show ran for eleven seasons and over 250 episodes, which is pretty incredible for a comedy show and really should give you an indication of the dedicated fan base that Married attracted.

Dewey described Wagner as an “all-around good guy” and said he generally seemed happy. School officials in Wisconsin say officers outside a prom where an 18-year-old opened fire, wounding two students, “prevented what might have otherwise been a disaster of unimaginable proportions.” The Antigo School District says the suspect, identified by police as Jakob E.

Wagner, shot at the two prom-goers as they left the dance late Saturday, wounding one in the leg and grazing the other. The district said in a statement that Wagner had approached the school with a high-powered rifle and a large ammunition clip.

Wagner shot and wounded two prom-goers outside the school Saturday night. Walker says he and his wife, Tonette, send their thoughts and prayers to the students of Antigo High School, their families and the community.