adam dating site - Dating plenty of fish

Maybe if POF was to expand the options on the site.

An honest gentleman, spent several hours completing the profile and compatibility tests, and always respectful of women I communicated with, all followed all rules. Only one thing (in my opinion) that might have caused the removal - discrimination or, in other words, racism because of my color.

I haven't subscribed to this site, and probably won't because they misrepresent what you can do for free.

Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again."Which is a joke just because people block you or say you're married and you just want to find some friends. What a load of crap and without even doing a google search for their customer service address.

They don't even have it displayed on their site and even if you send them a email you won't even get a reply back and also girls can send any picture they like but when it comes to guys they expect us to upgrade just to send pictures sexist mother fuckers so just because I don't have a pussy between my legs I need to upgrade pfft.

I know the goal is to interact with people for possible dating or relationship, but when you have 400 men in one weekend contacting you, it was just too much.

When I did take the time to look thru the candidates the first one I felt comfortable enough to exchange numbers, during our first convo within a few minutes he asked me "did you get my pictures?

He tried getting his money back and that they would take no responsibility for scams which is BS. They said, "The money is gone it's ours now." Blah, blah, blah.