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Giovani de Verannzo, a Florentine explorer, landed in the approximate area of what is now Chincoteague Bay.

Initial plans were for the 50 acres to be called Arcadia to be developed as the city of Baltimore.

It was to be a harbor port located on Indian River in what is now Delaware. The history of Worcester County is full of territorial changes dating back more than 400 years.

Born a few years after the American Revolution, the county at one time belonged both to Delaware, and to Somerset County, Maryland.

The program pumped tons of sand from offshore and deposited it onto the beach.

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    Both are pieces of interactive fiction, “inspired by choose your own adventure books” says a press release issued today.

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    Anyway, you can watch the first few episodes , enjoy it where you can , and drop it at the end like me, which is not a really bad idea :) For all who are hesitating to watch this, Couldn't resist adding this-I hesitated a long time before watching this due to the many multiple personalities in this show -first two episodes were all it took to hook me in here. Ji sung oppa portrayed all the different personalities. Chinjja Chinjja Chinjja hahahahaa One of the best dramas i've watched that depicts multiple personalities.

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    They have been successfully applied to cleanse a wide variety of secreting lesions.

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    This is a lovely short story that mixes love with a slight humour and is very British with the way that it is written.