Dating people bipolar disorder

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I have now scratched Radio Lab off of my list of NPR programs to listen to and will make my views known to my local public radio station. A great episode on a subject that seems to be getting more and more coverage.

It should have been mentioned that many people now collect samples of the elements with the aim of getting one of each. From the first minutes of this wonderful episode, my mind furnished the Tom Lear Elements song (remembering from mid 1960s). It is a favorite and at the same time, my mind shut up and let me listen to the rest of the show. Hi Guys, Can report with much glee that Sylvan Esso recently added Jamie's Song to Spotify.

I've been a listener for a couple of years now, keep up the great work!

With all due respect, we already have way too many "journalists" trying to pretend to be scientists and engineers.

What was described in the episode about how the atomic bombs created this C-14 isotope is so false it made my heart hurt. Helium poem was written by Christina Quintana the Atom bomb was created to kill humans, and it did, and then it helped us contribute to medical science and so will keep humans alive. I thought that was interesting until the trite way that portion of this program ended.