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If you arrive in the morning, visit Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda(Popular among Thai as someone's wish had came true), Sule Pagoda. If you have enough time, go north at this time will give you very pleasant weather. For people who have never been to there, here's some info. Carpet floors, designer shops and powerful air con. You'll be extremely lucky if you can get 1Mbps on wifi. At the airport, there is a counter selling 4g sim cards. The phone network will show 4g but speed is damn slow. I had a Telenor sim which was bought last year March. After one night, i switch to a hostel at the main road called Wayfarer for USD 11.

Then at night, just browse around downtown(see see look look). Surprisingly still can use after so long without activity. Outside in yangon city, they sell sim cards at road side stalls like nobody business. In yangon, my hotel get at most 5Mbps.(i do speedtest often). I figured that only my luggage will be sleeping there while i roamed the streets till late night. Just right downstairs you can get chinese breakfast like bao, bread and buns.

For touring, Yangon is nothing much to visit really(mostly Pagodas). For example, my hotel quote me foreigner price USD 45.

For exchanging money, there are a lot of licensed money exchange in downtown who offer better rate than banks. Indeed, the shopping in the departure hall was like changi. At other states, like in Bagan which i went, often there is no network at all. My local friend spoke to the reception girl and got for himself local rates USD 25, and me USD 38. Sky hotel charges of USD 38 for a room with double bed and window, with breakfast.

17 (Xinhua) -- A Singapore-based company, Interra Resources Ltd, is negotiating with Myanmar's energy authorities to win an 11-year deal for expanding petroleum resources exploration and development in two oil fields, official media reported Thursday.