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This was originally sent out in September 2017 to all membership living on and off the reservation to show all the effort and work we as a Council have done in securing our economic future.

Please read in its entirety and if you have any questions please contact your leadership.

Kroeber (1920) believes these estimates are too high. Also called: Atchihwa’, Yavapai name (Gatschet 1877-92). On Gila River, with and below the Pima, to the mouth of the river.

In 1851 Bartlett re-ported 10 of this tribe living with the Maricopa, and, according to a Mohave informant of Kroeber’s, there were 36 about 1883. Anciently they are said to have had some rancherias in a valley west of the Colorado.

By 1775, when he revisited the tribe, they had moved to the west side of the river, their first villages on the north being in the vicinity of Ogden’s Landing, about latitude 32°18′ N., adjacent to the Kohuana.

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