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in 1911, Cashier moved to a soldier’s retirement home. When Marinus refused the advances, the innkeeper’s daughter claimed that “he” had seduced her and she was pregnant.

In 1862, Hodgers disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment under the name Albert Cashier. Cashier was captured in battle but managed to escape back to Union lines after overpowering a guard.

She fought with the regiment through the war until 1865.

She was awarded a medal of bravery and given a military funeral.

Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers in 1843. Cashier managed to remain undetected as the other soldiers thought she was just small and preferred to be alone.

In modern days, transvestitism (dressing as a member of the opposite sex) has become a fairly commonplace occurrence.