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Needless to say, we have a deal-breaker.” “Let's say your potential flame is of the open-minded sort and doesn't mind an ambitious female by his side - there is still a danger of his Dalmatian pride being stirred up.

Chances are he will feel intimidated and inferior, or simply unable to keep up with your lifestyle.” “They are mostly still typically conservative 'seljaci' acting and behaving like they're still in the village” “Most of them don’t have girlfriends because even if they have some feelings for them it's more about if she looks hot and if she's 'pička' (girls with hair extensions, too much make up, prozirne tajice, Celine tshirts...) so that they can be seen with her on special occasions.” “They are not romantic or anything and the top of their activities are coffee every day and then they even don't talk to each other (because everyone is busy with their phones) and if it’s more than coffee, after a night out you’ll find a photo on Facebook the next day of them in the club with the bottle of brandy on the table.

Locals will also tell you that the most beautiful women in the world are from Split, and a walk down the fashionable riva on a late Saturday morning is the ultimate free fashion show.

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I am an independent hard working girl who wants to meet an independent guy .. I take extremely good care of myself and I' m extremely positive and enthusiastic person. Owner of a good heart, positive personality, single, aged 40to50, height 180and above, average weight and body type, healthy, with sense of humour included, wanted for life.

I like to share things, i am openminded, emphatic, want I'm from Croatia.

Locals tell you that Split is the most beautiful city in the world.

After living here for more than a year, I would have to agree.

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