Dating how to avoid a kiss

Now a new website is erupting in Britain by taking on the idea in a connected way.The site describes itself as “the new and addictive way to meet people”: users log on, scan the pictures of people and rate whether they think they’re attractive, partnership material or simply uninteresting.British teens have a habit of switching on early to social networks: it’s part of what drives London to be one of the centers of worldwide online activity, what helped Facebook’s early spread outside the U. and what led Bebo to become such a big deal so rapidly.

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There are more social networking elements too, since users can follow people they like, write each other public notes or send private messages.

It’s gained a lot of traction, mainly with teenagers.

They have built up Snog in the last few months to the point where it’s garnered a lot of activity and some broader attention.

And in an interview with local media in Yorkshire, the 22 year olds are heralded as creators of “the next Facebook”.

Doing these things makes you a gold digger and is just as bad as a guy who expects sex just because he spent money on a girl. If you are not attracted to a person "in that way" you need to let them know and do it it a kind way, ( just imagine how you would feel if the roles were reversed.