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Dating for sex in cairo

"We have other priorities,'' explains a researcher with the Cairo-based Institute for Sociological and Criminological Studies.

Yet it is difficult to close one's eyes to this phenomenon.

Every year Gulf men revitalize the prostitution business in town--officially illegal, though Egyptian authorities habitually close their eyes to it--"because of possible diplomatic embroilments,'' as one Egyptian political scientist puts it, not to mention "the lucrative prospects for hard currency.'' These profits do not find their way into any official economic statistics.

A representative of Egypt's vice squad, located in the upper stories of the Mugamma`a, Cairo's Soviet-style administration building, declines even a request for an off-the-record conversation about Egypt's sex tourism "industry.'' Neither is sex tourism a topic for Egypt's countless research centers and universities.

The social background of the women varies significantly according to studies and statistics about women arrested for sex crimes.