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This is particularly important in the dating scene. This frustrates others, especially introverts, and makes them feel silenced by us.But if you do decide to go after an introvert, here So, here are the three things an extrovert needs to know about dating an introvert.1. They gave time and attention to listen to your thoughts and feelings. Going to a big party, nightclub, or popular restaurant makes you feel alive.The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.

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You have to be sensitive to your introvert's needs if you want it to work out. You finally snagged a date with that HOT guy from the gym.

Over dinner, you practically sit on your tongue to appear demure.

All humans — both introverts and extroverts — are biologically, spiritually, cognitively and physically wired to love, be loved, and belong.

Each just takes a different approach to life, and need to be loved differently.

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