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For example, it is ‘Bucking-um’ Palace NOT ‘Bucking-HAM’ Palace.

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(In ascending order: New Royal baby, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Duchess of Cambridge, Duke of Cambridge, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen).

When dining with The Queen, either at state banquets or more intimate family meals, Meghan will need to remember that she should not start eating before Her Majesty.

The Suits actress also needs to work on her royal wave, which is currently rather over-enthusiastic.

And after joining the royal family, Meghan will need to ditch her love of ripped jeans - as well as remembering to never cross her legs when in public...

Pictured is the Duchess of Cambridge attending a banquet with the Chinese president and the Queen in 2015 Although royalty are associated with glittering tiaras and jewels, Meghan will not be able to be seen in a tiara until she marries Harry, as only married women wear tiaras.