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At the end of her rope, Cuddy withdraws House’s hospital privileges until he starts making up his clinic duty at the rate of 4 hours per week. Cuddy scores a major coup for the hospital when she lands a major donor for the hospital, Edward Vogler, who pledges $100,000,000 on the condition he be made chairman of the Board of Directors.

Cuddy is more than happy to oblige, but it soon turns out this will not be a picnic.

Cameron suggests to House that instead they propose an across- the-board salary cut that will save exactly the same amount of money.

When House proposes this, Vogler rejects the suggestion outright, and Cuddy soon realizes that Vogler isn’t trying to save money, he’s trying to get House in line.

Cameron resigns to try to mollify Vogler, but he’s on the warpath. Cuddy supports Vogler, but when Wilson refuses to go along, Wilson is tossed off the board and House is given a one day reprieve.