Chating erotically sexually online - Dating doughnut

So you chucked ’em in the can and never looked back because you don’t need that kind of colorful competition in your life.I don’t think I really need to expand much on this bad boy.

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Basically, they gave you their virginity if I am not being clear.

They willingly handed you their metaphorical strawberry lovin’ insides to love for a night.

He was your stereotypical Mama’s Boy, and that was okay.

It worked for a while, but then it got weird because he never stopped smiling. There’s no way someone could be My favorite flavor, my favorite man. This is the boyfriend you were proud to flaunt like a brand new Birkin bag. Banyak sangaattt boleh buat dgn #saltedcaramel sauce kami!

His sweet caramel skin and the way he rolled his “R’s” kept you coming back for seconds, fifths, and twelfths until you realized you have will power and some self control.