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Men who do not want to work long hours or want to be stay at home dads face criticism.

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Games shows like this portray men as pursuers and women as pursued. These are traditional traits in both Japanese and American societies. It is encouraging to see women make strides in equality. Men are able to shed the silliness of masculinity (Big boys don’t cry.

Men must be strong, etc) and embrace our “feminine side.” I don’t view the male emotional and caring side as feminine. Women working alongside men reduces the stress men have with shouldering the family. Whomever spends the most time at home should do most of the housework.

I will outline some of the shifts in women’s gender roles and effects of these shifts: Increasingly, families want to have daughters rather than sons. The preference for daughters points to a continuation of tradition in regards to women and a more liberal view with men.

Woman favor daughters more than men, yet men also increasingly favor daughters over sons. Women may favor daughters because they want the daughter to help in traditional roles: care giver and companion. Like in the United States, Japanese women have a distance to go to achieve full equality.

Even “modern” families, those that try to evenly divide work and family obligations, keep some of the traditional roles. Advertising is slowly catching up with this role negotiation.

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