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Immigrant children are also more likely to live in poverty and experience discrimination.

Our comprehensive review found that, despite these disadvantages, immigrant students were doing well in school.

The advantage favored second-generation immigrants (students born in the US with at least one foreign-born parent) over both first-generation (students born outside the US) and third-or-later–generation students (those born in the US with US-born parents).

dating attitudes and behaviors among second generation chinese american youths-29

View the full list A recent study reveals that second-generation immigrant students perform better in academics than the first-generation and even third-generation immigrant students.

Second generation immigrant students were found to outperform first-generation students on standardized tests.

Yet, our findings also point to overall resilience among these children.

Understanding the sources of motivation among immigrant youth can help identify factors that could be checking their growth and help us promote their success.

Overall, we believe immigrant students perform better likely because of their positive values.