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- fixed the history record added when you give Carmen one of the terrorist s - Shank will no longer automatically be added to your party if you talk to him - fixed problems with MERCs not being hireable if you withheld money so long that they quit, then you paid your balance - fixed problem if at the last stage of IMP character creation confirming payment you hit cancel which resulted in no custom character being created, but at the same time preventing you from creating another - prevented player from switching to the map screen if a list of items to pick - fixed problem with the code to handle mercs surrendering to the enemy that would occur if you had already played through the first surrender situation Alma prison and then had more mercs surrender which is supposed to trigger the interrogation scene with Deidranna, Eliot, and Joe - fixed history record for when characters die - fixed the infamous burst bug which prevented some bullets from hitting a character if they were standing when hit - fixed bug in which breath damage could cause values to wrap from very low to high values.

Typically seen with stun grenades â the player throws a stun grenade at an enemy who is knocked down, but gets up the next turn raring to - fixed a bug that would temporarily disable interrupts - fixed two bugs related to stealing a weapon from an enemy, that would cause the hourglass cursor to appear and not go away - fixed a bug in which the chance to hit someone was incorrectly calculated when aiming at a specific body part.

With Canon’s lengthy update cycles for high end cameras, I’m not expecting much here until 2019, but I’ll update the page with any info we’re sent or that I see on the web.

There is a regularly updated timeline for EOS DSLRs further down the page, which is always useful when considering replacement timetables.

HE MIGHT ASK YOU WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT OTHER GUYS – He’s trying to find out if you like anyone. HE MAY TOUCH YOU SUBTLY – A hand on your arm, an extra hug, a pat on your back, a grab of your shoulders, tickling? WATCH HIS BODY LANGUAGE – Just watch his body language, if a guy likes you, it’d be all round obvious! HE WILL SENDS FLIRTY/LENGTHY TEXTS – Long and extra nice texts?