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K4 (designed by the Post Office Engineering Department in 1927) incorporated a post box and machines for buying postage stamps on the exterior. Some contemporary reports said the noise of the stamp-machines in operation disturbed phone-users, and the rolls of stamps in the machines became damp and stuck together in wet weather.

This has been widely repeated (including by Stamp chose not to, having found no evidence to support the story.

The paint colour used most widely today is known as "currant red" and is defined by a British Standard, BS381C-Red539.

This slightly brighter red was introduced with the K8 model in 1968, but went on to be used across the estate on previous models too.

The Birmingham Civic Society did not give up and, with additional pressure from the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Town Planning Institute and the Royal Academy, the Postmaster General was forced to think again; and the result was that the RFAC organised a limited competition.