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Another application, of similar nature to 'Newspapers', called 'Eucalyptus' allowed users to download e-books to their i Phone, though was rejected by Apple because one of the e-books that could have been downloaded was the Kama Sutra. The App Store has Playboy and Sports Illustrated adult-rated apps that have yet to be removed, while some apps by others were removed citing adult content which has resulted in accusations of hypocrisy.

Despite this, adult sites continue to market for i Phone and i Pad users.

In addition, in December 2009, the App Store began providing detailed feedback to developers on the approval process rather than simply showing "Waiting for Approval" and "Approved" or "Rejected." Over time, requirements have evolved as trends have appeared in application development.

For example, applications accessing the user's location for advertising were valid prior to the fall of 2009.

Workers at the fashion magazine Dazed & Confused have nicknamed their i Pad edition the "Iran edition".