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Thankfully, my appearance of shame does not exist online (to my knowledge), yet everyone and their mom (literally) has seen it. So of course I agreed when this girl came up to me and asked, “Do you want to be on ?!

According to one of my friend’s moms, they were “harsh” on me. I was in the midst of a “F**k what am I doing with my life? ” Because in my crazy convoluted head I thought, ”Why not?!

Clean your energy up so those people don't ask you out any more.

I have this theory: Women who travel in packs do not attract. They take in information; they decipher it and download it onto their computer. You can answer the question every time he volleys, but then you lead him with your question, and it should be topical to the conversation he's having. If he orders the dessert and you guys share it, say, "Oh, this is the best chocolate mousse, I'm so glad you picked this." Manners are key.

We can all relate to that quarter-life fuck now what crisis that we’re all going through. This Valentine’s Day I am single and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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