sexy dating ideas - Dating a divorced mother

The moms were a pretty attractive group in their own right.

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Good sized tits, solid C cups, information I shared with the boys, a bubble butt and long firm legs.

There were never any arguments about whose Mom was the best looking from us boys.

In my opinion, Gina was the best of the four moms and that was saying a lot in this crowd with one D cup woman already. My mom was as attractive as any of the other mothers.

Jimmy was my best friend and he knew about me ogling his mom and the crush I had for her. The tallest of the group, she stood at five seven and weighed about 150 pounds.

The cabin was quite opulent, an imitation log cabin, ranch style, with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a huge livingroom. We stayed in them pretty much from breakfast to bedtime. They started their days in bikinis and beach covers which would come off and on depending upon the moment's activities which included cooking, swimming at the beach, sun tanning sessions in the afternoon followed by more swimming and more cooking.