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On many occasions, PIPEDREAMS broadcasts have featured compact discs from the catalog of JAV Recordings. Check our list of upcoming events and other involvements. 30th Anniversary Organ Crawls Follow these links for more information about Michael’s appearances around the country.

The inspiration for that catalog, and the devotion of its manager, was initiated years ago by the sound of a modest church organ in Brooklyn, an instrument that had been silent for more than a decade, but now lives again! Have a question about the show or about Pipe organs? Dudley, MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation, by the contributions of listeners to American Public Media stations, and by the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, APOBA, representing designers and creators of fine instruments heard throughout the country, on the Web, and toll-free at 800-473-5270.

To watch them rebuff the Black Widow line, again and again, is a reliable pleasure.

—Invented in 1941 by France’s Georges Jenny, the Ondioline is a tube-powered electronic keyboard instrument whose extensive filter bank, wire percussive strip, and warm vibrato tones make it more harmonically flexible than siblings like the theremin or ondes martenot.

On Friday and Saturday at 8, Valerie Green’s remote LIC space stages Take Root, a split bill featuring the soulful work of De Funes Dance and the “sociopolitical movement explorations” of MElder Movement Art.