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Flat on his back, staring into the cylinders and bearings, Michael fixes his truck like he wishes he could fix himself. He drove 22 miles to the Barnes & Noble in Tulsa, where the gay books are discreetly kept in the back of the store on a shelf labeled “Sociology.” While the rest of the country is debating same-sex marriage, Michael’s America is still dealing with the basics. Michael loves this place, but can it still be home?

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In the first weeks of Oklahoma’s 2004 legislative session, 10 anti-gay bills were introduced, including one to ban gay marriage and another to prohibit the recognition of out-of-state adoptions by same-sex couples.

The damnation mixed with the bluest skies, so beautiful and round.

“Lady, I already know I’m going to marry a woman,” the student told the social worker. ” For Michael Shackelford, blond and earnest, the question of salvation is a serious one.

But his concerns about eternal life are eclipsed by the here and now of being a gay teenager in the rural town of Sand Springs, west of Tulsa.

To this day, the United Way-funded agency does not publicize the location and times of its meetings.