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He wouldn’t have treated her like a servant (well, he would have, but he would’ve done it sneakily, under the pretense of romance). She stuck around because she was in love with the guy. Away from Luthor, she seems to do pretty good, puzzling things out, acting cute: Punching Crisis on Infinite Earths‘ Lord Volt, long-deceased husband of L. Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner lounge on the JLA headquarters’ roof, reading about another hero – Rebis (a.k.a.

the version of Doom Patrol’s Negative Man that was a hermaphrodite combining Larry Trainor, the Negative Spirit, a lady doctor, and some random dude) – suffering a similar fate, before the late ’80s/early ’90s Will Payton Starman crashes into the building: In addition to being, as Metamorpho states, “some of the most powerful Joes on the planet,” these five are also a Who’s Who of Unrealized A-List Heroes for DC in the ’90s: But I digress.

He’s got an entry in the DC Universe Encyclopedia for cryin’ out loud: They don’t hand those out to just anyone (with apologies to Rebel’s girlfriend, Riot). But he fumbles Convergence: Supergirl: Matrix pretty badly. member and Infinite Crisis survivor Lady Quark: And while it’s nice to read that Princess Fern is alive in this reality, Lord Volt and Lady Quark are written as a repressed homosexual and an angry lesbian, respectively, which…in the words of Matrix Supergirl, “Who cares? This can’t be what Giffen thinks passes as character development (or worse, comedy) can it? At no point in her eight years of pre-Linda Danvers adventuring was Matrix Supergirl ever known as Kara. Nobody would’ve thought to name her Kara because nobody had heard that name before (maybe Deadman on Christmas, but even he didn’t know who “Kara” was). ) time she functioned as something more than Guy Gardner’s romantic interest, Fire’s caring and supportive friend, a girl with a crush on Superman, or one of the more inessential members of the Justice League. ” Ice is faced with an emotional quandary – succumb to insecurity and go home to Norway with her tail between her legs, or continue with the JLA and feel worthless – she learns, almost by accident, that she’s both valued by her teammates and, above all else, genuinely wants to help people. The Ice of 2014 has a punk rock haircut and surly demeanour, and her function in comics these days appears to be as foil to Guy Gardner, a freshly-minted Red Lantern whose jerk with a heart of gold days are long gone. ” was a heartwarming tale of hope and optimism, full of adventure, and featuring characters that were easy to like.

For one thing, there’s this: Lex barking orders at Supergirl. ” Calling her an “imbecile” and a “shape-shifting cretin.” Now, Matrix Supergirl’s long-haired, red-headed Lex Luthor may have been old, bald Lex Luthor posing as his own son. Regardless, the book closes out with this little exchange: “Kara”? There is literally no reason for her to be named Kara other than Giffen being lazy and nobody in DC’s editorial department giving a shit about accuracy. The New 52 features a teenage girl running around with the Joker’s severed face strapped to her head. ” has two openings: the first shows a friendly woman conversing with the mailman.

The DCU Guide entry for Split indicates he was created by Marv Wolfman, though I can’t find any concrete evidence to support that claim. Matrix Supergirl, also featured on that Skybox trading card, was a Titan for what felt like a hot minute in 1995 (less than a year in total).

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