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Winston has composed and produced theme music for KRON-TV’s “First Cut” series, Banana Republic and for various films that have shown on BRAVO’s Independent Film Channel, French Television’s Cine Cinemas and major festivals all over the world. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.] According to this article, women account for 5% of producers and engineers—why do you feel this is?

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“Men tend to question how women in audio learned their skills or became interested in the industry, as if it must be a very different experience from their own.

Her love of music and the recording arts spans 25 years as a songwriter, composer, recording engineer, and producer.

We also provide Sound , an online library of animated, interactive audio e-textbooks, to over 6,500 men and women a year from all over the world.

We have an exclusive jobs board for members where we post internships and jobs in the industry and we also offer our own internship program in which interns get hands-on experience in sessions.

We recently had interns sit in on multiple sessions with internationally acclaimed clients like the GRAMMY-winning Kronos Quartet and the author Salman Rushdie. We’re seeing an increase in general across the board with women entering different positions throughout the audio industry.

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