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If you want to install it on your computer, but you don’t have a copy, you can go for an ISO download so you can make a disc installer yourself.This method is very popular among users who have lost or damaged their discs but have kept their license number.Just open this link inside the Safari browser and tap on the GPS button and it will show you all the Pokemon that are hidden inside the game.

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Note that the 64-bit is not a direct upgrade of the 32-bit.

The numbers mean a lot to the compatibility of your computer system to the program so be sure to choose the one that’s right.

Once you have the ISO copy, proceed to burn it to a disc. A good disc burner will know what to do with it, just choose the option of burning an image file. After that, the disc it will create is a fully bootable Windows 7 Home Premium installer, working just like the original.

You may proceed to installing Windows 7 after creating the disc.

However, if there are any errors coming out as you install, you might what to follow the suggestions listed below. Each of that files come with 30 days trial period, So you need to use your original Windows key to activate them.