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When I refused to accept what he offered, he became irate, red in the face, slapped my table with his palm, said I was being greedy and that everyone selling on Craigslist “negotiates” their asking price.I tried to calm him down by saying that I had only had the ad in for one day, and I would be glad to call him if I couldn’t sell it for my asking price.I tell him it’s not his and I walked into the police station with the phone, guy got arrested for theft, and we returned the phone to the owner. Zombiegrl I bought a Xbox 360 from a craigslist ad. We met at a public location (Starbucks) at my request. who is studying/volunteering/doing missionary work in Nigeria.

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Couple minutes later, the guy calls my friend back and says, “Hey man, don’t come.

I was just going to rob you, but I heard some kids in the background when we were talking on the phone”3.

He angrily decided he still wanted it, and left to go to his bank to get the $40, slamming my door behind him so hard that the house shook.

As soon as he left, I texted him not to come back, because I had changed my mind about selling the i Pad after all.

He texted me back apologizing, but I never responded.11.

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    But there’s always been something that’s kept some friends and family members from chatting with me: they didn’t have a Skype account. That all changed today with Skype’s announcement of their latest feature: you can now invite anyone to join a Skype chat with a unique link. You can send your chat invite by email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, or Whats App.

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    De sletjes hebben het geld niet, dus bieden ze hun kutjes aan om in natura te betalen.

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    I did everything for everyone, even when it left me unhappy.

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    Proper nutrition gives the body the nutrients and calories it requires to maintain a healthy body weight and maintain focus through-out the day.