Cost of fluoridating city water

The number of communities who make the choice to fluoridate their water continues to grow. Use the chart below to see what that amount is equivalent to.

Santa Cruz (12 on the priority funding schedule), San Diego (18 on the priority funding schedule), and Sunnyvale (81 on the priority funding schedule), are communities whose local regulations on water fluoridation (all in place since 1999) are in conflict with State fluoridation regulations.: Fluoridation ended through a decision by Bertsch District’s water supplier (2013).

In addition, contaminants of health treatment additives are now restricted to concentrations not to exceed California Public Health Goals, and U. Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLG), the scientifically derived points of safety for lifetime ingestion.

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The Council followed its decision with a letter to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, advising the Board of its decision.

there are more cost effective ways to provide dental care; fluoride works topically, no need to ingest; inappropriate to prescribe a medication by approving fluoridation; individuals deserve to decide for themselves.

Murphy Lott, senior water treatment operator for the local Public Utilities District, said, “…I agree with that decision.” “During a packed regular meeting of its board of directors…the board voted 4-1 to cease consideration of adding fluoride to the drinking water of its customers, which include several community service districts interested in adding fluoride.

Although the board had previously considered holding a public hearing…HBMWD General Manager Carol Rische said …that hearing is moot, and won’t be scheduled because there wouldn’t be enough votes to approve the fluoridation anyway.

“About 75 percent of Escondido will receive the fluoride-treated water.