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Last week, ISIS claimed responsibility for firing an antitank missile at a helicopter in a North Sinai airport as the defence and interior ministers were visiting.

The attack killed an aide to the defence minister and a helicopter pilot, but both ministers returned to Cairo unscathed.

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When Jehovah's Witnesses produce scholars that support the NWT, we must first establish that the scholar is, indeed, a recognized expert in the field of Biblical Languages, and that he or she has been quoted accurately.

When given careful consideration, many of the scholars used by Jehovah's Witnesses do not actually constitute a sound argument from authority.

An attacker was later shot and a picture emerged of a bearded man wearing a bulky ammunition vest sprawled on a street There were conflicting reports from Egyptian officials as to whether the gunman had been killed or wounded.

It was also reported that there were two assailants and that one had gone on the run before being captured.

Police later cordoned off the crime scene as onlookers crowded around the church, while a forensics team combed the area.