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This will stop i Tunes from creating duplicates of your Audio Files when importing them into i Tunes.

Having this option ON could cause doubles to show within the Serato software and it will also take up more space on your computer since i Tunes will be copying the music to it's own library rather than reading the file from the location on your hard drive.

The feature is now disabled by default, but you can enable it if you want to run it at your own risk (See Then MB will take care of the rest depending on how library settings are configured. Of course you can use Windows Explorer or other file managers for copying files. Select a folder from "Computer" node of left navigator Folder(copy) 3.

Also you can drag files either from Windows Explorer or MB's main panel while holding control key and drop to a folder.

As the screenshot shows, computer node can display only selected folders if you choose and enable filtered folder option.