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I think you are trying to show how thoughtful and empathetic you are being, but what’s coming across is so, very, very, very condescending.

She is the lead in her own story, not a character in yours. There is no need to magnanimously proclaim your “openness” to “sharing your life” with her or overdo it on reassuring us or her about how “wonderful” and “brave” she is or give us your “interesting”, university-educated resume & hobbies vs.

I recently moved to a job that not only frees up more time to focus on schooling, but pays better.

On the last day at my previous job, a girl I’d occasionally worked with and spoken with in the breakroom, asked for my number.

Dear “Casting”, I’m glad you wrote to me before talking to this lady because you should not ever say the thing about how you’re “casting a female lead for your story” in a breakup conversation unless you want to be made fun of for decades, like the guy in college who told me that I wasn’t quite “First Lady Material*” after a private tour of the White House with his bigwig donor family, less than a month into dating him, on Valentine’s Day.