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I fish for a bit of everything from panfish & bass to walleye & striper hybrids to trout to carp & catfish.

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Enough said From: Comments: If you use common sense, check your line often for damage, and replace it often when using high resistance lures, this line is dependable and easy to cast/manage. With a standard fisherman's barrel knot, I have not found there to be any slipping issues, however, it is 30# test and I wet my line before tying. From: Comments: bought the 6lb for my light tackle spinning rod & couldn't be happier.

I have been using it since it came out and have only had issues with one bad spool. previously used seaguar red label & had problems with line memory & wind knots - even after treating with kvd conditioner.

From durability to strength to being clear in water, I use 15 and 25 Lb.

for Flipping on a 7' 11" XXHeavy Flipping stick and it puts $ in the boat!! Thin diameter, sinks (which is a big concern when fishing in crowded tournaments using bobbers! The memory comparative to other lines such a Big Game or BPS Excel, is night and day.

Both failure at hook set , yes I set the hook hard , fished tournament for over 20 years and never had this happen before.

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